Encontros da Imagem
13 August 2018

“Beauty and Consolation”, Discovery Awards at the Encontros da Imagem, International Photography Festival in Braga

Exhibition: 21. September – 28. October 2018

Opening Weekend: 21, 22, and 23rd September 2018

“Beauty and Consolation”

The human condition is defined by its limitations and dissatisfactions.  Faced with the bewilderment of the world, humans search for the meaning of existence in pursuit of peace and harmony.  We live in an incessant search, trying to find solace for our pain and suffering. We are obsessed with happiness and pleasure but struggle to find consolation.

Could it be that our reconciliation with the world can be done through the contemplation of the aesthetic. Could Beauty be our salvation? Thomas Zika is presenting prints from his series „drama queens“.

Encontros da Imagem, proposes a reflection on “Beauty and Consolation”. The 2018 edition will take place from the 21st of September to the 28th of October, 2018.