artist statement
8 Mai 2016

My interest in art photography is to reflect upon the conditions of the way we perceive reality. In book projects and exhibitions, I have examined explanatory models of perception using different visual conceptions and presentation techniques.

Within my projects conceptual and experimental strategies of finding and developping my artistic questions as well as a specific pictorial language have always played an important role.

For me the term placebo has been an excellent metaphor for human’s relationship to images as well as for the relation of images to the real world. In my photographic-artistic work visual information is to be brought up to non-information at the interface between abstract and concrete.

No matter what one’s eye is looking at, it is not separable from the communicative uses of those phenomenons – we must compulsively see those use values. Our visual perception is organised around an invisible center – the blind spot.

It is this blind spot that I am interested in: epistemologically, visually, intellectually, and spiritually. Within this focus I try to create oscillation figures that reflect upon our use of technical media as well as upon the mechanisms of our perception.

Often the starting point for me is a personal biographical question which gets me running as an artist.

Within my latest projects I ‘ve developped artistic photographic methods using chaos and chance to re-balance the paradoxical power and frailty of control. Using these experimental strategies I find myself more embedded in a spritual relation as an artist as well as a human being.

Thomas Zika


Galerist Kai Brückner über Thomas Zika